Meet an adorable couple Stephen + Candi | May 23, 2010

candisteve5From the bridal session to the wedding we had an absolute blast with this couple!!!  Candi is so full of life, easy going, super sweet and just plain sweet.  Her bridal session was awesome evening.  We didn't actually get to meet Stephen until the wedding day.  Most of my couples I've either shot their engagment session prior to the wedding or we have met at some point before the wedding.  This just helps with getting to know each other before the big day.  Even though Ryan and I hadn't met Stephen before the morning of their wedding you would have never known it!  From the first hello we talking, taking pictures and having a good time.  This couple loves to have fun and be themselves!  Trust me you will see it in their post below.  The wedding was held at the bride's Grandmother's home in Patterson NC.  A beautiful Sunday morning with lots of sunshine!  The reception was held at the Hudson Uptown Building in Hudson NC.    Stephen & Candi swing dance together and it was such a treat to get to watch them let along take pictures of their fancy footwork!!  I love dancing and maybe one day I can talk Ryan into learning with me ;).  To add to the fun a Balloon Artist and Face Painter were there to entertain the kiddos and adults.  We photographers LOVE this kind of stuff!  Check out a few pics from their day!  Congratulations to you both!!  Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your special special day! Much Love~ candisteve2














Florist: Delicate Touch Hudson NC,