2 Year old "C" & Big Brother "C"

These two brothers are so darn adorable!  We did pics last year of these two and gracious have they grown.  This shoot was full of smiles, tears and lots of fun!  Its so funny how when you only have one toy no matter how special it may be they both will want it!  I brought along a wooden toy boat and it was a hit!  We began the shoot with pics of younger "C" alone.  He recently turned 2.   Big brother came towards the end to get some of them together!  It worked well.  You will enjoy this one I promise!!!  Just love it!






This will def. make you smile!  He seen his Daddy coming!






Ok here it goes... they were both wanting to play with the boat and when it came time to get it back they both went as hard as they possibly could.  As you can see leaving one pretty upset.  Brothers!


....how quickly it turned to happiness!