Family Friday : My Little Blessings

I shot these images of my two last May... long time ago. This is very typical of me to take pictures of my children and not do a thing with them forever! I'm working on it...bits at a time. This was at our old house. I walked in the room that day and they were doing this on their own. It warmed my heart so much. I loved it. Last night I was reminded of these images when Ryan and I really wanted to go to sleep early and the kids DID NOT. I think Jayla read about 10 books to was precious. I was awake and listened to her read to him and he would ask questions... I know these times are short in the scheme of their life. They are 5 1/2 years apart and I adore seeing how they can still connect. Gosh do they fight and get ugly with each other but they truly LOVe each other. I pray that even with the age gap and male/female difference they will always connect in their own way... protect and love each other.