Precious "Matilda Jane" Girls! =)

Look at those curls!!  Sweet little "M" in her MJC! Oh my goodness my new found love...well about two years ago!  I discovered this adorable clothing line and love it all.  My little girl has yet to out grow anything I've gotten her in 2 years and not to mention how super cute it all is.... take a look at these pics of  Joy Davis Photography's Matilda Jane babies of 2009.  Can't wait for this season of Hammond Bay for Spring 2010!  Joy Davis, Independent Consultant Matilda Jane Clothing.

Baby "S" in Matilda Jane Fall 2009!

Sweet Sweet "M" in her Matilda Jane Spring 2009!

"A" looking adorable in Matilda Jane Spring 2009!


"K" in Matilda Jane with brother "M"!


My babygirl!!!

My family!

Oh and yes I'm wearing MJ as well!