Happy 3rd Birthday to my Babygirl!!

So my little angel is already 3. I honestly cannot beleive she is 3...this means next year 4 then school! Oh my goodness anyway...We celebrated in a "Berry Special Way". She had a Strawberry Shortcake Party! Lots of pink... and some red...but lots of pink! In this first picture that she doesn't look so happy in, she is holding a picture of me at my 3rd Strawberry Shortcake Birthday party. Too cute! Anyway, I have to say thanks to all that helped grab pics at the party (Redeana, Karla and even my hubby). Its almost impossible to take all of the pictures at your owns child's party. After the party Jayla and I went outside to get some shots in her adorable Strawberry Shortcake Dress her "Nana" made. Isn't it so sweet!?This delicious and adorable cake was made by "Traditions of Ruth by Lorilynn".
I know more cake pictures with one more below! I had to get some detail shots.

Here we go... a few pics in her new SSC Dress!