The Birth Story of Callen Jack Taylor

I see how I neglect my blog. It very much needs some attention. The truth is…friends blogging takes a lot of time! Yes, its part of the business but man I admit Im terrible at keeping up. Another post soon on this topic ;).

Id like to share a birth story. One I for sure will never forget. That being said every single birth I have documented I will NOT forget. Each and every one has been beautiful. Each birth is a miracle. Each life is precious. Documenting a life being born into this world is fully amazing. Im thankful of each client I get to document and beyond grateful for Mom/Dad’s who entrust me to document their perfect gift coming into our world.

The day was April 10, 2019. I had kept up with Mom and Dad throughout the night off and on … Mom had started feeling contractions the night before at home. I arrived at the hospital around 11:30am. Mommy was laboring and doing great. You see friends every one has a birth story but some are to be blunt much more scary that others. This day was beautiful but to say it was scary is saying it lightly. After several hours the Dr. decided it was best to do a c-section. Dad and I scrubbed in with the others … Dad was excited to meet his new angel but very nervous for his wife. I have photographed c-sections several times so this wasn’t my first. I knew what to expect, where to go and how to stay out of the way. I also knew several things… something wasn’t right. Because of the Mom’s anatomy shape while pregnant it took much longer to get baby out than any other c-section I had every photographed. 2:45pm Callen Jack Taylor was born! Callen was doing good and the staff handled him with care. I then knew something wasn’t right with Mom. The c-section turned into much worse very quickly. Mom’s bladder was cut during the csection incision. It was pretty serious. To explain the timeline, baby Callen was born at 2:45pm and Mommy didn’t get to hold him until 8:30pm (isn). If you have had a baby you know this is a long time. I am leaving out a lot of details of course… this isn’t my story to tell. The video shows the day however I wanted you all to know the time difference. Im eternally grateful I was there to document this day for Emily and Jack. Thankful God was with us the entire time.

Love, Joy