Finley James - A Birth Story

I was so excited to be able to photograph this sweet baby's birth.  His parents are also a husband/wife photography team and we have been friends for several years now.  Im so blessed and thankful for my job.  A job that documents LIFE.  Life's moments that you literally will never ever get back.  This day was beautiful.  Momma was a total rockstar! I love getting feedback like this below.  Sometimes as photographers we are much more than just there to take pictures. We are there for support and love.  

"WOW! That's awesome!! So many moments that you captured that we didn't even realize you were there. Love the tone and emotion in these.  What's even more amazing, is that I clearly remember every time I looked at you during delivery I never once saw you holding the camera up. I always just saw your eyes looking back at me and you whispering words to me."


Congratulations Misty and Ryan!  He is a doll baby. 

Precious Life. Beautiful Day.

How can I describe this experience in one blog post.  Brittany and I had been texting back and forth about how she was feeling.  Anytime I know Ive got a birth I get anxious closer to time wanting to be sure Im there when need be.  The night of baby Stella's birth I had literally just laid down and got a text from Brittany that they were headed to the birthing center.  I jumped back up and headed out within 8 mins.  The drive to the birthing center seemed short I guess because I was so excited to get there.  As I arrived the staff was super welcoming and led me to the birthing room.  This was my first water birth to document and it was a little new.  Its completely different atmosphere than a hospital in a wonderful way.  Brittany was in the birthing tub with Matt sitting next to her holding her hand for support.  The room was relaxed and quiet so Mom could focus on laboring and not lots of people, noises and machines.  Once the harder contractions came and baby Stella made her debut it was so beautiful.  The entire thing.  The entire birth.  The entire experience.  Watch Baby Stella's birth story here: 

New : Hickory Lenoir Granite Newborn Photographers

We got to spend a few hours with this cute yesterday!!! I could not get enough of his hair!

Newborn: Brand New Baby Boy

Remember that birth video I shared several days ago?  Well, here is that little angel's newborn session!  Enjoy~


Brand New: A Birth Story

Phew this could be a long blog post so I'll do my best to keep it short.  Of all the things I photograph there is just something about a birth.  I can't explain it or describe.  After photographing one several months ago I knew I loved and adored the entire thing.  Being a Mom and giving birth to two beautiful children I loved being on the other side of the picture.  Its amazing.  The night before this little angel was born I got a text from the Mom saying she was having contractions but nothing to be concerned with at that point.  Ryan and I were in Blowing Rock shooting a wedding and I almost panicked! Mom reassured me all was well but giving me a heads up she thinks things are beginning.  We stayed in touch ALL night.  I literally could not sleep.  The excitement and nervousness of wanting to get there to make sure I missed nothing.  All of my stuff was packed and ready to go at the door.  At around 4:00am she text to let  me know she decided to head on in to the hospital.  I got up grabbed some coffee and right before I hit the door my next text said…water broke!  I knew then I had to hurry.  This was her second baby and they usually come much quicker!  I snapped a pic of the full moon that morning literally as Im getting in my car.  This morning was perfect in so many ways.  I walked in to nurses doing all they do, Mom in full labor and Dad doing a fantastic job staying by Mom's side.  This baby came super fast once I arrived at the hospital and the entire experience is one I will never forget.  What a complete blessing.  Watching one of God's creations and miracles happen right in front of me.  Being able to experience it fully and capture it was incredibly awesome.  These moments are completely real and nothing is staged or posed.  Real moments and raw emotions….  Tears fell behind my camera as little Ari came into the world… I put together a little video to share Ari's birth.  Enjoy~ Wow, friends just no way to put into words… look forward to the photographing many more of these…